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Submitted on
January 24


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FULL-$1.00 Sketches

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 24, 2014, 8:59 AM

Update- FULL
Sorry for the delay by inbox was full with requests and i am working on new pieces as i go. Unfortunetly the clients do not want me to release the finished work on da as its for projects. I will however be uploading my art from time to time as i like to draw my own things when i work on projects as well to keep my inspiration flowing... thank you and if you have not gotten in fast enought to get your art I apoligize and will open up again next week. (Already have 1 person on 1st spot for next week- So please be sure to note me early)


Calling all Anime fans!!

I'm not offering for a limited time $1.00 sketches (Paypal only)-please send me a note if interested. 

These are pencil sketches, with some inked or dark charcoal colored pencils for eyes but not detailed so no shading. 

Note: Sketches are ment for rough designs or "first drafts" and as such are not overly time comsuming so i am not charging much just enough to cover material cost.

My style: Shoujo 
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Fanart by KaraKleos-sama

(Age range:please keep your requests Pg-13, nothing overly sexual or gore.)
*Note: modest nudity is fine. I.e: naked but has long hair to cover or posed in a way that covers modestly.*

No not do: 
mecha (sorry no huge monster robots-not my thing)
landscaping (i'm a character artist and do not special in background arts).

Might have a 10ish$ sketch for you to do sometime soon, take one of my horrible doodles and fix it LOL
KaraKleos-sama Jan 25, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
ok just let me know when and what in a note when your ready. :)
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